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The Montgomery City Tour is a 2-3 hour walking tour of downtown Montgomery based on the book “When Heaven and Earth Collide.” The Tour is an exploration of history, economics, race, and religion. The goal of the tour is to give a broad overview of the historical and philosophical factors that led to the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement, with an eye on how economics, cultural change, religion, and race coalesced to form the foundations of a city that would have profound affects on American and world history.

The Montgomery City Tour is based on the book "When Heaven & Earth Collide". What went wrong in the American South in regard to race and religion? How can things be made right? Why, in a land filled with Christian churches, was there such racial oppression and division? Why didn’t white evangelicals do more to bring racial reconciliation to the South during the 19th and 20th centuries? Beginning with the Freedom Riders who ventured to travel through Jim Crow Alabama in May, 1961, these questions are asked and answered through an exploration of history, politics, economics, philosophy, and social and theological studies that uncovers the hidden impetus behind racism and demonstrates how we can still make many of the same errors today—just perhaps in different ways. The investigation finally leads us in hopeful directions involving how to live out the better way of Jesus with an eye on heaven in a world still burdened and broken under the sins of the past.