CDI has created partnerships with churches, missions organizations, local schools, hospitals, businesses, and development organizations to create tutoring programs, clean water projects, agricultural and business development, leadership training conferences, and church planting/development strategies in various regions of the globe. This work has been primarily done in Montgomery, Alabama, Northern India, and Haiti.

Current and Past Initiatives:

ESL classes – partnership with immigrant communities
Overarching Goal: To earn the right to present a gospel message to neighborhood groups that are on the margins of society by a establishing a platform to provide literacy training.

  • To establish and facilitate a network of churches and secular organizations in the provision of literacy services including teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) and tutoring children and youth (TCY.)
  • To provide a forum for member organizations to coordinate activities to most effectively utilize resources including facilities, consumables, and human volunteer resources. 

Tutoring programs – Partnerships with local schools and churches
Teaching Children and Youth or tutoring provides an ideal platform to do the following:

  • Assist students with homework and tutor in problem academic areas;
  • Allow for a close personal relationship between the student and the tutor that builds trust. Trust allows the tutor to inculcate Christian values into the student through examples of caring and loving correction. 
  • Invite the student into the mainstream, strictly Christian ministries of the church such as Kids Worship, Wednesday Night services and ministries, children’s missions organizations such as GAs, RAs, and AWANA or similar children’s programs;
  • Provide an entrée into the home of the student to pursue ministries of all kinds to other family members.

Other Projects:
Freedom Riders Project - Small groups of change agents
Missional Communities - MultiHousing church/mission development
Local Church and Law Enforcement Community Safety Projects – Connecting churches with local law enforcement officers for updates and prayer
Facilitating Disaster Response/Relief
Himalayan Clean Water Project
Rural Childhood Education Support
India Child Sponsorship
Global Training Conferences