CDI is a missional sodality* (Christian-Based, non-profit organization) made up of people from different professions, churches, and backgrounds who offer their gifts and talents to the world to "tell a better story" wherever they go. We seek to help communities, churches, businesses, organizations, and individuals grow and develop in ways that facilitate human flourishing by developing creative partnerships to bring spiritual, social, and economic transformation to communities around the world.

Spiritual Development - CDI engages in and encourages the telling and living of the gospel of Jesus Christ through faithful witness, presence, ministry, and the development of missional communities. This is the true better story.

Social Development - CDI participates in the building and restoration of individuals, families, churches, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, and cities with Biblical/gospel truths and values that take seriously the concept that all people are made in God's image for His purposes and, thus, have worth and value. 

Economic Development - from oikonomia - or the management of the household. Here, CDI works to help people identify and engage in their God-given vocations (calling) through education, equipping, and connecting resources with need and opportunity. We help com-munities develop through the constructive and creative interaction and integration of the spiritual, social, economic, and governing domains in ways that provide for the individual and common good. We also facilitate and encourage entrepreneurship, economic mentor-ing, and creative approaches to solving entrenched economic problems.

Developing Neutral Platforms for Engagement  - while CDI is a Christ-focused, non-profit organization, we also seek to engage secular businesses, educational institutions, and government entities on a variety of issues and endeavors where we find common ground and can work together for the common good. We do not cease to be Christian when we en-ter the marketplace or public square, but we also understand well that not everyone shares our beliefs, so we are trained in communicating in a neutral way as well. We seek to be re-spectful of all people as we strive to serve and pursue justice, mercy, and humility in every situation, wherever we go.

Download The CDI Development Worldview Matrix
A Research-Based Curriculum Facilitating Holistic Spiritual, Social, and Economic Development

Networking:  Creating networks of people and organizations, including churches, businesses, and social agencies to work together to transform a community and nation.

Resourcing:  Connecting public and private resources with human and societal need.

Education/Consulting:  Providing educational and training opportunities to individuals, groups, schools, churches, and businesses that enable them to more effectively participate in and contribute to society in a redemptive and creative way. 

Reconciliation:  Facilitating true reconciliation in communities between races and cultures by providing opportunities for communication and partnership.

Disaster Relief:  Mobilizing volunteers from churches and communities at large to aid others in disaster relief in the U.S.and around the world.

True Spirituality:  Raising the spiritual awareness of a community by bearing witness to the life and society changing message of Jesus Christ through church planting, missions, small group Bible studies, prayer, and discipleship both locally and globally.  CDI's teaching and theology is aligned with the Baptist Faith & Message.

Mobilizing:  Activating and equipping change agents among all the domains of life (education, health care, government, business, media, the arts/culture, etc.) to work for lasting transformation and development in their domains.

Counseling:  Providing counseling and life coaching to individuals and families so that the family unit will be strong, healthy, and provide a nurturing, safe environment for the 3 Sphere growth of it’s members.

Justice:  Calling and working toward justice and protection for the weakest members of society and those unable to fight for themselves, so that all are able to realize their God-given potential and destiny.

Beauty through the Arts/Culture:  Promoting the arts in a redemptive way that enhances culture and gives glory to God through sports, hosting fairs, concerts, exhibits, etc.

* From Ralph Winter's "The Two Structures of God's Redemptive Mission."