ROCK – Respect Others, Create Kindness

There are over 60 members thus far for the River Region Task Force comprised of public and private school educators, counselors, churches, public and private organizations, community groups, ministers, and local agencies concerned about bullying prevention in the River Region. Formed through planning meetings in the fall of 2013, the Task Force focuses on awareness, education, partnerships and programs to make a difference in the lives of students and families. Bullying is a community issue that involves not only teachers and parents, but also mentors, youth ministers, religious organizations and civic groups. Studies show that partnerships among schools, groups and organizations in the community to raise awareness are the most effective form of prevention. 

To prevent bullying through awareness and education.

The vision is a safer, kinder River Region.

Goals & Committees
Awareness, Education, Partnerships, Programs

The Task Force leadership is currently comprised of 5 steering committee members:

Melanie Beasley, Family Sunshine Center
Mona Davis, Montgomery Public Schools
Laura Hicks, Stamp Idea Group
Josh Conley, Urban SEED XChange
Leisa Johnson, Family Sunshine Center

ROCK In The News
Buddy Bench Promotes Friendship at Chisolm School

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