Global Leadership Training Conferences

In environments as diverse as the mountains of North India, the coast of Haiti, the plains of Africa, and urban environments in North America, CDI has conducted training conferences for church leaders, development workers, and professionals and lay people from many different walks of life for the past decade. Bringing in research and expertise from multiple disciplines, CDI has trained practitioners in the principles of creating, sustaining, and expanding initiatives that can develop and enhance their church and civic communities.  

CDI's training conferences for pastors and leaders focus on holistic development principles and strategic and visionary transformational leadership. Tackling issues related to racial and ethnic diversity, historic economic challenges, civic, social, and family breakdown, and spiritual apathy, CDI provides leaders with tools to confront seemingly intractable problems with creativity, wisdom, grace, sacrificial love, and truth. Drawing from Scripture and research, consultants and teachers from CDI examine the intersection of Biblical faith, culture, economics, public policy, education, vocation, race/identity, history, justice, sociology, and family/community structures in order to chart a clear path toward a better, life-giving, God-honoring future for all members of the community.

Employing an interactive approach that informs and inspires, these conferences have trained thousands to more clearly understand their world and their place in it so that they can use their God-given gifts and resources to tell a better story than what has been told before.

The Story that we tell is one of justice, mercy, and humility and is based on and informed by the teachings and life of Jesus Christ and is applicable to all people in every situation.