Trump Travel Ban Separates Somali Refugee Family

(CNN)Abdalla hears his English teacher's voice beaming across the room like a ray of sunshine.

"What... is... the... matter?"

The teacher sounds out each syllable, pausing as photos of injuries flash on a projection screen. If you go to the doctor, she says, these are words you'll need to know. 

In this Atlanta classroom, dozens of refugees who just arrived in the United States take notes.

Like them, Abdalla wants to learn. But he finds it hard to focus on the lesson.

He's thinking of his daughter, Batulo.  Read More from CNN >

America Hardly Notices While Louisiana Drowns
Louisiana has a tenuous relationship with water. Surrounded by it, from the Gulf of Mexico to lakes, rivers and bayous, Louisiana enjoys a culture  based on the fishing, boating, shipping and drilling that happen in and around the water. While the water is usually a blessing, sometimes it rises up and brings disaster. The past 10 days of flooding in South Louisiana have provided one water-oriented disaster after another, but something else has emerged yet again: the faith, resilience and perseverance of this people.  Read More From Religion News >

Immigration, the Gospel, and Southern Baptists in a Nation in Turmoil
The current social and political context in America has become difficult for immigrants and refugees—and those who minister to them. Amid shouts of “Build a wall!” and calls to limit immigration as well as fears of terrorism and foreigners taking jobs from Americans, the discussion around immigrants and refugees has sometimes taken a dark turn.  Read More From ConventionalFutures.Com >

Want to know God?
Alabama has more than 160,000 foreign-born residents from all over the world, including 65,000 undocumented immigrants. Acts 17:26–28 says God determines the times and places where people live so they can reach out and find Him because He is not far from each one of us.  Read More From The Alabama Baptist >

Alabama Baptists reach out to more than 2,700 Mixtec people ‘across the street’ 
Second only to New York City’s concentration of 3,000, the city of Montgomery is home to more than 2,700 Mixtec people — an engaged yet unreached people group native to south-central Mexico.  Read More From The Alabama Baptist >

Who Is My Neighbor?
The world’s worst refugee crisis since World War II raises challenges about balancing security concerns and spiritual care for strangers in need.  Read More From World Magazine >

Southern Baptists see gospel spread among refugee people group in US and world
Born in a Hmong (MONG) refugee camp in Thailand, Na Herr was 6 years old when his family moved across the ocean to join his stepfather’s relatives in the United States in 1989.  Read More From IMB>

Syrian Refugees Not A Threat
There may legitimately be things to fear in Pickens County. Not among those, however, is the prospect of being targeted by terror-minded Syrians coming to the Upstate as part of a refugee relocation program...  Read More From Greenville Online>

A More Christian Approach To Immigration, Migration, and Refugees?
A nondescript builiding in a suburban office park outside of Nashville was serving as a processing and assimilation point for around a dozen refugee families at that very moment. World Relief helps settle and assimilate people who come to the United States as refugees from oppressive situations. Read More From AlanCrossWrites.Com>

Eight Words From Jesus In A World With Refugees
Daily I’m confronted with the overwhelming needs that we simply cannot meet. Many people I know are waiting to travel to the West or already have. They are hoping for a better future. Jesus calls us to follow him. Read More From Desiring God>