The Development Worldview Matrix

What you see depends on where you stand. We can see farther and more clearly if we stand in a higher place and if our eyes are open and trained on what to look for and how to interpret what we are seeing. Education is not just about conveying information, but rather, it is about shaping the mind and the heart to understand how to see the world and how to best live in it.

The Development Worldview Matrix is a set of 3 categories of 8 modules each that function together to provide a holistic framework for individuals, families, organizations, and cultures-nations to create progress-prone instead of progress-resistant outcomes. These categories/modules have been taught in upper class suburban environments in America and in small rural villages on the side of mountains in India and in Haitian coastal towns. The truth contained in this Matrix is universal, but the applications are endlessly diverse.

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A Research-Based Curriculum Facilitating Holistic Spiritual, Social, and Economic Development

Working off of the Biblical schema of Faith, Love, Hope (1 Cor. 13) and Justice, Mercy, Humility (Micah 6:8), the Matrix provides a value-laden interface between sacred and secular and can be used in any setting. Building on the research of Wolf, Harrison, Grondona, and other economists, sociologists, theologians, and development professionals, the Matrix gives a framework for the development of the whole person from a discipleship, values, and vocational approach. Combined with other resources/approaches such as the Universal Disciple, the practitioner/educator is equipped with a holistic, reproducible approach to instilling the values and worldview necessary to facilitate spiritual, social, and economic transformation.

The Development Worldview Matrix is a core curriculum for training for CDI and was heavily influenced by Dr. Thom Wolf.

The Universal Disciple