Pray For Justice & Peace

Please pray for justice and peace in Montgomery over the shooting death last week of Greg Gunn. Pray for his family and neighbors. Pray for the police department, officers involved, Chief Finley, and city leaders. I know Chief Finley and know that he is working hard to build relationships between the police and the community and we have had meetings about that (with CDI) and have seen some action take place regarding the Latino immigrant community. Praying for everyone involved in this whole tragic situation.

If you live here and this topic comes up, please pray about how you can be a peacemaker who affirms justice, mercy, and humility with God (Micah 6:8). Be slow to speak and put the interests of others before your own (Phil. 2:1-5). Realize that our whole nation is a powder keg right now and that Christians, together, can help make a difference. Pray.

Story From The Montgomery Advertiser