Pay It Forward

Met with Mike Northcutt, pastor of Eastmont Baptist this morning (right) at Chappy's Deli. He has a great heart for God and people and it was a pleasure/blessing to talk for 2.5 hours. During our breakfast, people kept coming by and talking to us. One man, Art Douglas (left) owns a tax service. Every year at Thanksgiving, he invites 50 of his poorest clients who have taxable income of under $20K (below poverty line) to join him for a Thanksgiving Dinner at Chappy's. He gives them all a copy of the movie, Pay It Forward, and encourages them to be a blessing to someone else in the next year. I told him that he reminded me of Jesus' story of when you have a banquet, to invite the poor, lame, blind - those who cannot pay you back - and you will be rewarded by God at the resurrection (Luke 14;13-14). Art is ‪#‎tellingabetterstory‬. Mike is too with his ministry and life. So cool.