The #TellABetterStory Initiative is a social media campaign that seeks to encourage others to "tell a better story" with their lives, words, and actions. When we see or experience negativity, violence, hatred, anger, greed, or waste, how can we step in and tell a better story? How can we provide alternatives to destructive actions and attitudes in our own lives and the lives of others?

Instead of running away from problems in our communities, how can we persevere and #TellABetterStory?

Instead of letting fear, pride, and selfishness destroy community, how can we be faith-filled people who live and love with humility and generosity so that we can #TellABetterStory?

Instead of promoting what is wrong with our communities, how can we identify the people who are working hard to #TellABetterStory?

The CDI Blog will continually update to highlight the lives of people who are trying to #TellABetterStory. We hope that you too will seek to do that wherever you are. Let us know what you find. We'd love to hear about it.

This page will update in the future with projects and ideas that people develop to #TellABetterStory.