Whether you are fully embracing the rapid changes of the 21st century, or whether you are struggling to just survive, everyone has the same basic needs - and value. CDI exists to provide a holistic development approach to bring transformation to individuals, communities, and organizations in the three major spheres of human existence - Spiritual, Social, and Economic.



In environments as diverse as the mountains of North India, the coast of Haiti, the plains of Africa, and urban environments in North America, CDI conducts training conferences for church leaders, development workers, and professionals and lay people from many different walks of life.

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CDI Consulting engages in consulting relationships with churches, community organizations, schools, businesses, and government offices to help them navigate and participate in the changing nature of their communities while staying true to their unique organizational vision. 

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Support CDI

CDI needs your support to continue the work of bringing transformation to communities.  Your gift is fully tax deductible and will go to support CDI programs and staff to bring the hope of Jesus to many around the world. 

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