Why give to CDI?
Your gifts to CDI will help propel the vision of bringing spiritual, social, and economic transformation to communities around the world by helping others tell a better story with their lives and God-given gifts and abilities. We hope to create interfaces for the church to engage the larger culture in redemptive, creative ways with the message and implications of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Your gifts help us accomplish that.  Learn More About CDI's Mission>>

How will my gift be used?
Gifts will be used to create education opportunities, platforms for others to grow, change and contribute, to support identified programs, and to support staff and the mission and organization of CDI.  Your gift will help us consult with churches, schools, and other entities that are not able to pay for the catalytic help that we offer.

Is my gift tax deductible?
Yes. All gifts are tax deductible as CDI is a registered non-profit, tax exempt entity under section 501c3 of the IRS tax code. When you provide your name and address along with your gift, you will receive a contribution statement.

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